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You'll soon understand why "Happy Tastes Good" at DQ with our iconic Blizzards Treat menu, our Signature Stackburgers, crispy chicken strips, chili cheese dogs, and our world-famous ice cream treats and cakes for the whole family. Let us help you celebrate in delicious style.

Dezy's Beef, Bread and Beer CHAMBER MEMBER

Dezy is the Founder and CEO of Dezy’s Beef, Bread, and Beer. He is a native of Iran, a United States citizen, and a highly decorated United States Army infantry veteran who is fluent in Persian (both Iranian and Afghan dialects), English, and spoken Tadjik/Tajik. Prior to his arrival in the Us, Dezy worked as an Embassy Liaison for the Swiss Embassy US Interest Section in Tehran, which allowed him to cultivate a comprehensive knowledge of intelligence laws, regulations, and policies. He worked at the Defense Language Institute Monterey, CA and held various positions throughout the organization’s Persian-Farsi School. In 2019 Dezy returned from his successful federal service career and came to Orangevale to start a new chapter of his life opening “Dezy’s Market”. It was here that the community embraced not only Dezy but his famous Sangak bread which fondly became known as “Dezy bread”. It is one of a kind in Northern California and people come from all over to buy it! Dezy is happy to expand his operations to a new location now offering his famous bread, delicious kabobs, beers and more!

Sierra Shave Ice CHAMBER MEMBER (claim listing)

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