Youth Volunteer of The Year (18 and under) - Best of Orangevale 2022
4 contenders in this category.


Aliyah Wong

Aliyah is a teen who loves her community very much! She enjoys getting involved in community events and lending a hand whenever she can to those in need. She is a part of a few local groups in which s

Luci Lettau

Hello! I am Luci Lettau, I'm very grateful to have been nominated for both Youth Volunteer and Youth Entrepreneur, so thank you to whoever nominated me. I am a Junior at Casa Roble with a passion

Kyptin Erickson

Thank you for considering voting for me. My names Kyptin Erickson and I am 6. 5 years old. I volunteer with the CRJR organization doing many things. I help in the snack bar, washing, loading/unloading
Youth Volunteer of The Year (18 and under)