Nominee "Orangevale Grange" - Best of Orangevale 2023

Orangevale Grange


About this Nominee

The first library in Orangevale was in the home of a Grange Member who served as the town librarian for 45 years. The Grange was instrumental in bringing electricity and telephone service to Orangevale. Both the Folsom and Shasta Dam Projects and the Central Valley Water Project were heavily influenced by our Orangevale Grange. The Grange was the first to donate money toward the purchase of land on Hazel Avenue that would become the Youth Center, which is still being used today. The Grange donated money towards the beautification projects of Casa Robles High School and Louis Pasteur Middle School. Oh let’s not overlook the return of the Farmers Market which was cosponsored by the Grange and one of the best known businesses of Orangevale, The Dairy Queen.

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