Nominee "Unbound Yoga & Fitness" - Best of Orangevale 2023

Unbound Yoga & Fitness

About this Nominee

Each class is unique, each teacher with their own special spark and no two experiences at Unbound are ever the same. I believe there is power in letting go of expectations, of being in the moment. Each class is meant to take you on a journey where you can find out new things - about your body, your heart, your inner self. And armed with that information you get to decide what fits, what needs to be set down and what you are ready to bring in to nurture the best version of you. ​​​​​​​​

At Unbound - you are free to move, free to breathe and free to be. The only thing required is your presence. We believe that some days are for going all out in class and other days are for child’s pose while soaking up the beautiful energy moving around the room. An environment where you get to show up authentically every single time and we love you for it. Where the people who practice alongside you remember your name, celebrate your wins and lift you up on the hard days. We are a tight knit community moving through poses and life together. Every body, every fitness level, every season. ​​​​​​​​

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